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Specialist Providers of Application Packaging and Virtualisation Services.

The technologies we specialise in include Windows Installer (MSI), MSIX, Microsoft App-V, ThinApp and related technologies. We are also experts in scripting solutions such as VBScript, batch script and PowerShell.

We streamline the application packaging process through the use of automation; bespoke toolsets such as ValMakr, CubMakr and Virtualisr enable us to increase the accuracy of our deliverables whilst reducing the cost of our services.

We have transformed application packaging departments by introducing bespoke SharePoint workflow solutions that integrate with toolsets to generate documentation, standardise on naming conventions, configure deployments, generate reporting metrics and much more.

We have migrated over 10,000 applications for public and private sector organisations. Our work has been carried out on-site, off-site and in secure environments.

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