Security Services

Alkane Solutions provide the following specialist Security Services:

  • Microsoft Quality Patch Management
    • This process is also known as ‘patch Tuesday’ or ‘cumulative updates’, and these updates are released every month. They typically contain bug fixes, patches for security vulnerabilities, critical updates and improvements to reliability and performance. But the process needs managing correctly with suitable pilot rings and testing. We can manage this process for you to ensure that your environment is always secure.
  • Microsoft Feature Update Management
    • Windows as a service (WaaS) delivers feature updates twice per year around March and September. These updates are supported for 18 months, and typically include new features as well as hardened security. This management of feature updates requires careful planning including testing core critical business applications, building deployment rings, optimising delivery of the update (which can be 2-3 GB) and so on. We can assist you with managing and implementing this process.