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Application Packaging Services for Windows 11.

Alkane Solutions are the UK’s leading provider or application packaging services for Windows 11. Our blog includes hundreds of best practises to share with the global application packaging community. Alkane Solutions have been providing application packaging services in the UK since 2011.

Enterprise IT and Application Specialists.

Alkane Solutions are Enterprise IT and Application Specialists. We provide managed IT services that enable clients to focus on revenue-generating activities, driving business growth and improving customer satisfaction.

Our fixed-price services provide continuity, reliability and flexibility with predictable costs and a wealth of expertise. We are on both the DOS Framework and the G Cloud Framework.

End User Compute Services.

In the modern workplace, users require perpetual access to their applications and services across multiple devices and locations. They also require a fast, secure and stable environment with optimal support channels throughout.

Our End User Compute services provide software, hardware, licensing, security and support services which can be utilised to define and implement a bespoke EUC strategy for your workplace.

Evergreen Application Packaging Services for Windows 11.

An evergreen Application Packaging service keeps critical business applications up-to-date and secure at all times. Our team of experienced application packaging professionals are highly skilled in App-V, MSI, MSIX, ThinApp and more.

These skills are complemented by a deep understanding of related technologies such as SCCM, Intune, PowerShell, Active Directory, Group Policy and more.

Complex Application Packaging Debugging.

Sometimes the process of application packaging can be quite trivial for basic applications. But the real value of a specialist application packaging service is realised when complex debugging is required such as process monitoring, proxy debugging, shimming and more. We have never been defeated by an application! And our attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry.