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CubMakr Detection Examples

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This page takes us through some quick examples of CubMakr detection examples. It includes examples using different search methods (‘equals’,’starts with’,’contains’,’regular expression’), resolving proerties, performing case-sensitive searches and using conditions.


Example 1: Perform a case-sensitive search for a property name. If property/value is missing, display a warning message.
Check: Check that the ALLUSERS property is set to 1.

Check for ALLUSERS property







Example 2: Use the ‘contains’ comparison and flag for modification.
Check: Check the the Value column of the Registry table does not contain hard-coded paths.







Example 3: Use the ‘equals’ comparison and flag for removal.
Check: Check the TNSNames.ora is not in the package (Files such as this are usually managed outside the package).







Example 4: Use the ‘starts with’ comparison.
Check: Check that services use the ServiceInstall/ServiceControl tables, and not the registry.








Example 5: Use a case-sensitive regular expressions to check for the presence of multiple values.
Check: Use a regular expression to ensure that the COMPANYNAME property is one of our supported clients.








tip Tip: Use the following regular expression examples to construct your own searches.


Starts with: ^searchstringEnds with: searchstring$

Contains: searchstring

Equals: ^searchstring$


Example 6: Use the ‘Resolve properties’ setting to resolve a property value.
Check: Check that the Summary Information Stream Title value is the same as the ProductName property value.






Example 7: Use a condition for the validation rule.
Check: Check that a launch condition is set. Add a condition specifying that this rule is only valid when validating packages targeted at Windows 7 platforms.


CubMakr Detection Examples
CubMakr Detection Examples

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  3. Could you please let me know after creating the .cub how to test it with the msi.I am bit confused about the testing part.

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    • Hi. You can use a free tool such as Orca to perform validation. Open an MSI in Orca. Go to Tools. Click Validate. Click Browse – browse to your sub file. Click Go. If you want to automate this, you can use another free tool of ours called ValMakr. Thanks.

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