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This is just a quick one-liner that I use to get all filenames and their version from a folder and sub folders.  I tend to use it every now and then to compare two folder structures on different machines, and then I can use a text comparison tool (such as to compare the output:

You should first open a Powershell shell and CD to the root folder.  Then paste the following line and run it.  The output will go to c:\temp\filevers.txt.

get-childitem * -include *.* | foreach-object { "{0}`t{1}" -f $_.FullName, [System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo]::GetVersionInfo($_).FileVersion } | out-file c:\temp\filevers.txt

Yes, I’m sure there are free tools to accomplish this.  But this is just another option.

Get Filename and Versions in Folder and Subfolders
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