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This post provides an example of how we can override the default behaviour to show custom tooltips in PowerShell Forms using OwnerDraw.

Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Drawing

#define brushes for black and white
$whiteBrush = new-object Drawing.SolidBrush White
$blackBrush = new-object Drawing.SolidBrush Black

#create form
$form = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Form

$alkaneButton = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.Button
$alkaneButton.Size = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(200, 40)
$alkaneButton.Location = New-Object System.Drawing.Size(20, 20)
$alkaneButton.Text = "Alkane Button"


$tooltip1 = New-Object System.Windows.Forms.ToolTip
$tooltip1.SetToolTip($alkaneButton, "This is a tooltip.")

$tooltip1.OwnerDraw = $true 
        #define custom font
        $fontstyle = new-object System.Drawing.Font('Segoe UI', 9, [System.Drawing.FontStyle]::Regular)

        #configure alignment
        $format = [System.Drawing.StringFormat]::GenericTypographic
        $format.LineAlignment = [System.Drawing.StringAlignment]::Center
        $format.Alignment = [System.Drawing.StringAlignment]::Center    
        #draw tooltip    
        $_.Graphics.FillRectangle($blackBrush, $_.Bounds)
        $_.Graphics.DrawString($_.ToolTipText, $fontstyle, $whiteBrush, ($_.Bounds.X + ($_.Bounds.Width/2)), ($_.Bounds.Y + ($_.Bounds.Height/2)), $format)         

    catch { Out-Null }

Custom Tooltips in PowerShell Forms using OwnerDraw
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