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There’s a new feature in the App-V 5.1 Sequencer which enables us to export and import a file called AppxManifest.xml:

App-V 5.1 Sequencer Import/Export ManifestI’ve been using this approach recently to add custom scripting logic to my packages (I used ACE to make my life slightly easier).  What it means is that I can import my App-V package straight into the App-V Management Server and it works straight away with my custom changes – that is, I do not have to manually specify any Deployment/User config files using the approach below:

Appv-5 Overwrite ConfigIt also means that when I’m testing my application in standalone mode I do not have to specify DynamicUserConfigurationPath or DynamicDeploymentConfigurationPath parameters to apply the configurations to my package on the Powershell command line.


AppxManifest.xml in place of DeploymentConfig.xml and UserConfig.xml
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