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I’ve been using Browsium Ion with HTTPS and Proxy Authentication recently.  I was trying to force the default ‘Edge’ emulation mode to run in ‘IE8’ emulation mode over HTTPS instead.

HTTPS and Proxy Authentication

For HTTP URLs it worked fine.  However with HTTPS URLS, when a new instance of iexplore.exe launched (presumably after being intercepted and spawned by Browsium Ion) the user was prompted for proxy authentication.  Even upon entering correct credentials it still didn’t authenticate.  After clicking ‘cancel’ dozens of times, the authentication prompt eventually went away and we saw the page rendering successfully in IE8 Emulation mode.

Specifying a Proxy Host and Port

To resolve the authentication issue we can specifically provide a proxy host and port (one that authenticates for the user) by adding the following to Advanced Profile Set for the profile in question:


Browsium Proxy

Browsium Ion with HTTPS and Proxy Authentication
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