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I set up a Browsium rule recently to render a SharePoint 2010 site in IE8 Standards mode.  But initially Browsium Ion and browser authentication weren’t playing nicely together, and each time I launched a browser session with the Browsium rule enabled it returned a HTTP 401 and prompted for credentials.

Without the Browsium rule in place the site loaded fine but one of the Web Parts didn’t work.  However when the Browsium rule was enabled, the Web Part worked fine but the user was prompted for authentication when the site initially loaded!  It was as if Browsium wasn’t passing the Windows authenticated credentials during the request.

Browsium Ion and Browser Authentication

To resolve the authentication issue we can specify an ION profile flag under Advanced Profile Set which details what credentials are sent to the upstream server when automatically replying to an authentication challenge.


Browsium AutoAuth

Browsium Ion and Browser Authentication
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