Application Packaging as a Service (APaaS) forms part of our service offering and enables clients to save on the costs associated with client site visits.

Sometimes applications require back-end connectivity to network databases and file shares during installation and/or at run time. Packaging such applications will often require a site visit if remote access via a virtual private network (VPN) or similar isn’t available.

When requesting an Application Packaging service to carry out such packaging activities, these site visits usually incur additional costs such as hotels, mileage and evening meals which are usually passed on to the end client.

Fortunately, most applications can be installed and run in isolation without the requirement for back-end connectivity. And these applications are prime candidates for an Application Packaging as a Service service model.

How Does Application Packaging as a Service work?

Application Packaging as a Service essentially works like an application packaging factory, operating at a fixed cost per application package. Applications come in to the factory, are packaged against a specific build and configuration, and fully optimised packages are then released via a secure file transfer platform back to the end client.

Since the application packaging work is carried out as a service, the packaging ‘factory’ (our premises!) is typically located in a remote location to the end client – often referred to as the ‘cloud’.

Automated Application Packaging

When operating an automated application packaging as a service, we can drive down the operational costs of creating each package and pass these savings on to our clients.

Alkane Solutions are experts in automation – you only have to trawl through our blog too see tools such as Virtualisr, CubMakr, ValMakr to understand how we operate the most streamlined and optimised application packaging service in our industry.

With these automation tools we reduce human error by scanning each package for unnecessary content, validating against our packaging standards, optimising each package for delivery, documenting the packaging process and releasing the package into the target environment.

Do You Require Application Packaging as a Service?

If you require application packaging as a service from the most experienced application packaging team in the industry, please drop us a message and we’ll be in contact within 2 business hours.

Application Packaging as a Service
Application Packaging as a Service

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