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Impersonatr 1.0.0

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In modern enterprise environments we typically tell users (or IT administrators) to log in with their normal domain account, and use their administrative domain account for elevation purposes.

However, when using a full App-V infrastructure where applications are published to the user (such is the case for virtual desktop environments (VDI)), running an application as ‘another’ user fails miserably.

Unfortunately, the App-V publishing server hasn’t yet synchronised the ‘other’ user at launch time, and hence doesn’t know what applications it is entitled to run.

Impersonatr is an executable that can either run as the existing user (to run all App-V applications associated with the current logged in user – kind of pointless) or run as another (elevated?) user to see (and be able to run) a list of all applications the ‘other’ user account has permissions to run.

Impersonatr 1.0.0
Impersonatr 1.0.0

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