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This post provides a simple example of how we can use ADSI to create an AD group.

$adGroupType = @{
    Global      = 0x00000002
    DomainLocal = 0x00000004
    Universal   = 0x00000008
    Security    = 0x80000000

#OU containing the AD group

#AD group name
$addADGroupName = "alkane_group"

#Full distinguished name of AD group		
$distinguishedName = "CN=$addADGroupName,$adGroupOU"

#check if exists
$group = ([ADSISearcher] "(distinguishedName=$distinguishedName)").FindOne()

if ($group -eq $null)
    #group doesn't exist

    #get OU
    $adsiADGroup = [adsi]("LDAP://$adGroupOU")

    #create group in OU
    $newGroup = $adsiADGroup.Create('group', "CN=$addADGroupName")

    #Make it a global security group
    $newGroup.put('grouptype',($adGroupType.Global -bor $adGroupType.Security))
Use ADSI to Create an AD Group
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